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Business-Genius and Flexboxer

Driven by his passion for innovative technologies, sports and music. Enjoys to meet and work with people with different professional as well as cultural backgrounds.

based in: Berlin, Germany
current life: VC Analyst
email: fabian.krautwurst@gmail.com


Chief Design Officer and Snuff Tobacco Minister

Enthusiastic about new Technology, Science and Music. Loves every opportunity to talk to anyone knowledgable about pretty much any subject. Learning and discovery are always welcome.

based in: Berlin, Germany
previous life: Freelance Graphic Designer
email: j.schleiminger@gmail.com


Jewelry-Consultant and Master of Sliders

Business background with 7 years of experience in the Tech industry (Google, SMBs & Startups). Running an aspiring jewelry business on the side.

based in: Berlin, Germany
current life: working at a medtech startup
email: ileana.dhuart@gmail.com


Teamleader and Coding-prodigy

Sport and travel freak with a newly discovered passion for coding. Open for possibilities, new connections and obviously sport activities.

based in: Berlin, Germany
previous life: Reebok CEE Manager
email: zuberzuzanna@gmail.com